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"This is amazing. I was looking for something that would do this last summer when I first suspected my sites were being penalized for affiliate links. I can't wait to implement it on all of my sites.

It did take me a bit to figure out how to get it to work with Wordpress, but once I did it worked like a charm.

BTW, there are plugins out there that do the redirects for you, but they do NOT do what Squeeze Links does.

GET IT. You won't regret it! "

- Rachel

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"Hey guys, this really should work. He shows you how to cloak your affiliate links using Javascript. And while Google can read some basic javascript, Google can't read it the way this [method] does it. And i wouldn't worry too much about Google trying to plug "the hole" on this. 99.9% of internet marketers are not cloaking their affiliate links like this.

They are using useless plugins like GoPages (which also violates Amazon's Tos). Plugins like these are simple redirects which Google easily follows.

I know what he says in the sales letter is true because i experienced the same thing with my sites."

- The Adsense Guy

"A bit "David & Goliath" like!

Anything that'll help the little guy stand up to G & protect his/her interests, I'm down with! :)"

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Do you need to know anything else? Here's the button to cash in ...

Dear friend,

Are you tired of Google giving your affiliate sites the finger every time you're about to make some money?

Are you frustrated with knocking your head against the wall trying to get your Amazon and affiliate sites ranked?

Are you lying awake sleepless trying to figure out SEO so you can pay off your mountain of bills on autopilot?

If you are absolutely, freakin' sick and tired of not making any money because of Google, then this is the most important letter you will read today.

Wouldn't it be nice if Google just left you alone and picked on someone else?

I know what you're going through.

Today we're going to fight back and get those Google rankings you deserve!

That is why you need to read the rest of this letter ...

Google's War Against Affiliates

Google hates affiliates. Period.

Do you know what happens if you use an affiliate link on Adwords to a ClickBank product?

Do you know what happens if you use your Amazon affiliate link in a YouTube video?

Do you know what happens if you have affiliate links on your website?

This is why every month more and more Internet marketers crawl back to their dead end jobs.

When we talk about SEO, affiliate links and rankings, you know what we are really talking about? MONEY!

Cold ... Hard ... Cash


When Google nukes your website and your SEO rankings tank, let's cut the B.S. and call it what it really means.

Lower rankings means less traffic. Less traffic means less clicks on how you monetize your page.

In other words ...

When Google drop-kicks your website what it really means is Google is drop-kicking your income.

Google is taking money out of your pocket. Cash you use to buy food, put a roof over your head, go to the movies, put gas in your car, etc.

SEO is a zero sum game. If you're not ranking someone else is.

The real question is:

Are you going to fight for your money?

Check This Out ...

Google Says Your Valuable Content is SPAM

The biggest lie online is that if you write valuable content you will be rewarded with traffic and search rankings.

If you believe Pinocchio Matt Cutts that content is king, then why isn't your site #1?

Content Isn't Everything If Your Links are Bad

Consider Google's "Penguin" update. If you have bad links to your website you are penalized.

As you know incoming links have absolutely nothing to do with the content on your web pages.

Same with outgoing affiliate links.

If you have affiliate links you are probably being penalized.

That is why you are not ranking as high as you should.

Did you know Google has confidential website reviewer guidelines? Those guidelines have been leaked and they prove how much Google hates affiliate websites.

Google says if your website tries to make money it is a "thin" affiliate site:

"A thin affiliate is a website that earns money from affiliate commissions. It exists only to make money."

Some people try to spin this and say Google only hates "thin" affiliate sites. The problem is Google says a "thin" site is one that has affiliate links.

"Thin Affiliates: Spammers make money when a transaction is completed after the user has clicked through to the merchantís site from their webpages."

Duh, that is the definition of an affiliate website!

Then it gets even worse ...

In the newest guidelines Google says even websites of the highest quality are considered "spam" if they have affiliate links!

"It is also possible for a page to receive a Vital rating, and also be assigned a Spam flag. For example, if there is a sneaky redirect and the landing page is the target of the query, the page will get a Vital rating and a Spam flag."

Now get ready to be punched in the gut....

You know what Google considers a "sneaky redirect"?

An affiliate link! In its private guidelines Google uses a Commission Junction affiliate link as an example of what a "sneaky redirect" looks like. Google also says affiliate links to Amazon, eBay, and other sites are typically spam.

Bottom line: You have proof straight from Google that even if your website has the most "vital" content on a topic you still get penalized for "spam" if you have affiliate links.

Squeeze Links is the Solution

I don't know about you, but I'm not going to just sit on my butt and watch Google nuke my bank acount.

So I set out to get myself a Google Killer. I call it Squeeze Links.

Cute name. It's my freakin' trademark.

Squeeze Links are easy to set up and I'm thrilled with the results.

For obvious legal reasons I am not going to make any income claims because every website is different, but this is what Squeeze Links have meant for me:
- Salvaged a $5000 affiliate site. It was a bad day when this personal favorite was dropped by Google. An even better day when I got it back to the top of the SERPS after changing the links.

- Justified a $2500 site I had spent a lot of time getting graphics for. This one is real interesting because I have Squeeze Links on about half the pages and regular links on the other. This is a WordPress blog. Guess which pages are getting the free traffic from Big G :)

- Allowed me to create a dozen, one-page affiliate websites last fall targeting a specific product. Commissions are reaching $20-$60 per day (this is a physical product where the commission per sale is only about $3) and the sky is the limit for growth.
It's awesome.

While Google is crippling others affiliate sites I start to crank them out. For me, this is a roadmap for affiliate success in the Google world.

I recently had a website that was not in the top 100 of Google for its keyword. It was D.E.A.D.

Then I made one change - I tossed my website links and replaced them with Squeeze Links.

I then forgot about the site until almost four months later I noticed traffic and affiliate commissions were pouring in.

Checking my notes I saw I had made the Squeeze Links change and did nothing else to the site.

I wish SEO changes happened overnight, but now that I have the #2 ranking (soon to be #1) I'm getting free traffic every day.

Testing on my sites has over and over shown eliminating the affiliate links results in higher Google rankings.

Here is a site where I was lucky enough to have already been testing an early version of Squeeze Links just to see what would happen.

No hit by Google! Even though some might call it a thin spam site consisting of page after page of affiliate product listings.

Here is a site that got pounded 50% in one month. A couple months later it was back to full traffic. All I did was change my affiliate links.

Here is one of my recent one page, one product sites. Just one web page and the only link is an affiliate link. How thin is that!

If you've been frustrated trying different products to make money online and can never get your fair share of free SEO traffic, it may not be the product. It may be your links.

I can't promise any results for you, and of course there may be other reasons why you site does not rank. But what have you got to lose?

Don't be Fooled by Redirect Scripts

Using redirects, masks, "pretty links" or cloaking your affiliate links from visitors is useless against Google. The Google bot simply follows the redirect and sees the affiliate code.

When you create a redirect to make your links "pretty," all that happens is you have a nicer looking link on your website.

When you click on it your "sneaky" redirect then goes to ClickBank, or commission Junction, or Amazon, etc.

Who do you think you are fooling?

Squeeze Links are for serious marketers.

Squeeze Links are unique. They remove the link from your web page. There is no link for Google to see. No link for Google to follow.

Here's the Deal ...

You will get the Quick Start Guide to start using this right away.

You will see how to set up affiliate links that Google never sees.

You will get a step-by-step walk through of EXACTLY what you need to do.

You will get examples.

You will get cut and paste files to make this super easy.

You will see how to also track affiliate referrals.

You will get Bonus Benefits, such as protecting your PageRank and a naughty trick I cannot publicly disclose.

You will get Advanced Tips and updates for free.

Squeeze links works with regular websites and WordPress blogs. It is not a plugin.

You will need to be able to create files and upload them to your website. You will get sample files to copy and paste from.

Although you will need your own domain, with one technique this can be used with links on other sites. I just started using Squeeze Links with Facebook Fanpage links.

All for a mere $37.

A drop in the bucket compared to making your living online. Practically free since you're going to write this off your taxes. And it more than pays for itself when you get more affiliate commissions.

Now I hope you understand Squeeze Links is a unique product. You cannot get anything like it anywhere else.

You really do need to take action right now.

There are two choices you can take....

Get this incredible system for hiding your affiliate links from Google, or keep getting whacked by Google and not making any money.

P.S. - SEO is a zero sum game. Either you get the rankings, traffic and money - or someone else does.

Google hates affiliates and unless you use Squeeze Links you may not make the money you otherwise deserve.

Squeeze Links is a unique solution not available elsewhere. Don't miss out. Join Other Smart Affiliate Marketers and Get Squeeze Links Today!

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